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About the Wisconsin Council


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Our State Hostels
  • Madison
  • Red Barn (Greendale/Milwaukee)
  • Newburg/Wellspring
  • More are under construction and we are researching new sites.

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For sale sign Shop our Travel Center! We sell all kinds of things for the budget traveler including:
  • Hostel directories
  • Money belts and pockets
  • Sleepsacks
  • Backpacks
  • Student and teacher identity cards
  • Train passes

Prices and information for 2001 have not yet been published on our website.  If you have specific questions about availability or prices on anything travel related, please contact us.  We're happy to help you.




Events and Activities We're much more than travel.  Check out other events and activities and events we sponsor including:
  • Midnight Madness Bicycle Ride
  • Canoeing Program
  • Children's Canoeing at the Milwaukee River Splash festival

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Travel Education Do you want to travel the world but think you lack the money or the skills? We're here to help you.

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Volunteer Consider Volunteering or Giving There are many ways you can help us:
  • Donate your time.
  • Donate equipment.
  • Contribute to hostel development funds.

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Wisconsin About Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Madison Future visitors, learn a little about our state, its largest city, and its capitol city.

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