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Click here to return to the home page. Forward To the independent traveler real travel does not involve a tour package, a bus full of drowsy Americans, a herding guide and expensive hotels.

Real travel is, rather, adventure.  It's immersion.  It's uncertainty.  It's discovery.  It's fun.  It can be inexpensive.

Independent travelers love to talk about their adventures and experiences.  They're great teachers and critics too.

Hostelling can be an essential part of real travel.







Let us show you how We occasionally organize and host presentations about budget travel and destinations we've enjoyed.

Please let us know if you're interested in attending a future presentation.

Independent travel pros: We'd love to hear about where you've been, what you liked, who you met and what you learned.  Please consider helping us out with a future presentation.  You can e-mail us.


  Get a FREE Budget Travel Resource Guide You can get a free copy of HI's Budget Travel Resource Guide by sending a self addressed, stamped, size #10 envelope to the council office.  Click here to see our mailing address.



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